Unfit For Heaven

by Infirmity

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released November 18, 2011



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Zachary Ramirez (Drums), Brent Gore (Bass), Daniel Shultz (Guitar/Vocals) and Kevin Lowery (Guitar/Vocals).

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Track Name: Trendwhore
Just a fake
Just a trendy
Just a bitch
That's what you are

Think you're cool
Think you're hip
Think you're hot
you're not

Whatever is cool
Is what you'll be today
You're a fool
You should try to be yourself
Just a clone
Of what's played on MTV
You are just
Nothing but a trend whore

You dress like everybody else
Always look like the new trend
Scared to even be yourself
Because inside you are lame

First your this, then you're that
Who wants to live like that?
Track Name: Deadlift
Going to the gym
To get your session in
You warm up with light weight
Rep it good and feeling great

Wanted to bench-press
Put you muscles to the test
You add on 50 more pounds
Your spotter is not around

Thought you could handle the load
Before your elbows explode
Weight drops on your throat
Dying as you choke
First you suffocate
Than the weight decapitates
A sight no-one can take
Don't forget your protein shake

Spotter runs back to the bench
He see's you lying there mutilated
Spotter Runs to get help
He slips on your head
He falls on a bar
Impaled through the chest

Going to look yoke, in the gym you'll croke
Roided out freaks, trying to lift past their peaks
Rep your last rep, breath your last breath
Trying to be healthy, but it ended in death
Roided out freaks, trying to lift past their peaks
Track Name: Plastic Idols
So wrapped up in the TV
Worshiping Celebrities
Who married who? who broke up?
Honestly who gives a fuck?

Pixilated, with fake tits
Hate their own lives your obsessed with
Glamorize their lives, all you see is lies

Wasting time to criticize, care about your own life
Treating them as if their Gods
Why is it you idolize?
All they are is flesh and blood
They are people just like you
Track Name: Unfit For Heaven
Suffering, Help Me
I'm Dying, I Can't Breath
Death, Is What I See
Burning, Eternally

Infinite Torture, Bestowed Upon Me
Eternal Damnation, I Am Condemned
My Soul, Not Fit For Heaven
The Life I Lived, Has Brought Me To Hell

In Hades Burning Forever
My Flesh Is Tearing
Maggot Infested Body
No-one Hears Me Scream

Demons Tearing At My Skin, Eating My Flesh
The Worm Never Dies, The Fires Not Quenched